The Juvenile Bluefin Tuna fishery here in the

northeast is an  obsession for many people. Our season   

typically begins sometime in mid-July and may run well

   into  October. Conditions will vary, but seem to be mostly  

dependant on the availability of baitfish.                             







               I  participate in a large network of tuna fishing enthusiasts       

      from  Cape  Ann  to Cape Elizabeth who share their observations,

       interactions, etc.  on a daily basis.  When the fish are here, the         

      emails, vhf radios,  land lines, and cell phones are humming.         

 Good information is  perhaps the most important element         

 leading to success in  finding fish.                                                    


     At this time we pursue these fish using spinning gear

preferably casting to busting fish, jigging, or trolling. Anyone

      who wishes to catch a tuna on fly gear is welcome to bring             

         their own gear.    I can supply flies if requested.                                    









        Trips will be scheduled depending on current conditions of   

   the  fishery and weather. Interested parties should call well in   

 advance to discuss their experience and abilities relative to       

  potentially extreme conditions. Tuna trips are for one or two     

       anglers on a 22' center console Aquasport and are based on a 6       

  hour day at a cost of $550.                                                                    


                            OTHER INFO YOU SHOULD KNOW